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Hail Damage can happen at anytime, almost anywhere. Usually golfball sized - baseball sized hail creates the dents that can be fixed using the Paintless Dent Removal Method. Larger hail dents usually require other methods of repair.

Paintless Dent Removal is a preferred method of Insurance Companies for Hail Damage Repair. The benefits include...

Retaining your paint's factory finish! No painting required.

Saves time! You are not without your car for long. Depending on the damage, it may range from only a couple of hours to a couple of days, not weeks on end as with traditional autobody methods. And may be done at your particular site, I can come to you... while you are at work or home for example. Or I can arrange to pick up and return your car to you upon completion.

Saves money! Greatly preferred by insurance companies, as it is more cost effective on all counts than traditional autobody methods on all cars that qualify for PDR damage repair.

And contrary to common myth, filing a hail damage claim with your insurance does not affect your premiums, as it is an uncontrollable "Act of Nature." In most cases the insurance Company will pay for the total repair less "your deductible amount." You are then responsible to pay your deductible direct to Big Daddy Dents. *CALL ME!


Dealerships, Wholesalers, Used Car Lots, Insurance Companies, or Any Group Affiliations...

For a group of Cars with Hail Damage I am always willing to travel, even out of state if necessary. Call me with details on your location, an estimate of how many cars and timeframe required for repairs to be completed.

Individual Car Owners...

Maybe you and your neighbors got hit? Or everybody parked at your office parking lot? If a group of you get hit call to schedule with an estimate number of cars. The larger the group, the better the deal for all of you! I can take care of the whole lot of you one by one.